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Amarinda Jones & Penn Halligan - Hot Romance
Mad About Mirabelle
escapades along with the
twists and turns in this tale
had me drooling, laughing
and completely enjoying Mad
About Mirabelle!
Shades of Gray
Amarinda Jones has written a
story that is a must read for
any vampire lover!
*** Recommended Read
Marlow's Curse is a fast-paced
read that keeps the reader
highly entertained. Sparks fly
between Sybylla and Marlowe
in this enticing hot story. I love
Sybylla’s strength and courage.
I thought Marlowe was great in
caring for her no matter what
the situation. Scar is really
devilish and causes this reader
to cringe. Amarinda Jones
creates robust characters,
while giving the reader a
visualization of the settings.
She hooks the reader, where
this one could almost see the
eye contact, as well as the
intense expressions layered
on their faces.
Ms. Jones has a wickedly
captivating sense of humor
that shines through her